Joining the Pirate Party

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I've previously been a member of the Secular Party of Australia. I resigned from them some time ago based on the treatment of the then Secretary. However, I remain sympathetic to Secular Party policies. I've since decided to join the Pirate Party of Australia, as intellectual property is another passion of mine - see my article on the trans-pacific partnership.

While this world has many problems - no denying that - I see the abuse of intellectual property and the trampling of our freedoms resulting from corporations and their intellectual property as an important and substantial issue. These issues resonate with me sufficiently that I've decided to join the Pirate Party. I'm also impressed with the Secular elements of their policy, too. Now, another interesting party is the Future Party. I'm also sympathetic to them - but; I have decided to join the Pirate Party.

I did have an issue with Asher Wolf and her past association with the Pirate Party. During the last election campaign, she made some dismissive twitter comments about the Secular Party. Now, much as I was in the Secular Party, I certainly made an effort to roll out the red carpet for the Pirate Party in my involvement with the Sydney radio station, Radio Skid Row Marrickville. Involved with one party, it is stupid to diss other Parties with overlapping goals. I wouldn't be that stupid. But this is what Asher Wolf did.

In my discussions with the then Secretary of the Secular Party over the phone in South Australia, she was very emotional dealing with the stresses of the campaign. It was not pleasant. I know that Asher Wolf's posts were one of the things which were getting to her.

However, Asher Wolf is no longer a member of the Pirate Party, and I understand her comments do not represent the current Pirate Party approach. It was only after clarifying this issue that I felt comfortable joining the Pirate Party.

So I have joined. I hope that my background and enthusiasm provides something which can help the Pirate Party of Australia.